Audio Sermons

2018‑01‑14Happy?The Art of ForgivenessPastor Tom Arthur
2018‑01‑07Happy?Nothing Will Make You HappyGretchen Williams
2017‑12‑31Seein' ToSmall GroupsKathy Dobie
2017‑12‑24Intentional ChristmasIntentional JoyPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑12‑17Intentional ChristmasIntentional PursuitPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑12‑10Intentional ChristmasIntentional KindnessPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑12‑03Intentional ChristmasIntentional LivingPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑11‑26Parenting Through ProverbsThe Friendship YearsKathy Dobie
2017‑11‑19Parenting Through ProverbsThe Discipline YearsPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑11‑12Parenting Through ProverbsThe Coaching YearsSara Arthur
2017‑11‑05Parenting Through ProverbsThe Training YearsPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑10‑29People of the Second ChanceChange the MixtapePastor Winston Chu
2017‑10‑22People of the Second ChanceBe BelovedGretchen Williams
2017‑10‑15People of the Second ChanceThe Wonderful in the WeirdPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑10‑08People of the Second ChanceBe Brave with Your StoryPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑10‑01People of the Second ChanceYour Second Chance StoryPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑09‑24Faith for Tough TimesHope for the HopelessPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑09‑17Faith for Tough TimesNever Too LateErin Wasinger
2017‑09‑10Faith for Tough TimesCracked Cisterns that Hold No WaterPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑09‑03Faith for Tough TimesFire in My BonesPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑08‑27The Power of WordsIn the Beginning, There Was the WordKathy Dobie
2017‑08‑20The Power of WordsReligion & PoliticsPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑08‑06The Power of WordsTear Down or Build UpPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑07‑23The Making of a SuperheroCaptain UnderpantsPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑07‑16The Making of a SuperheroHow to be a Money Supermom and DadPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑07‑09The Making of a SuperheroWonder WomanKathy Dobie
2017‑07‑02The Making of a SuperheroGuardians of the GalaxyPastor Winston Chu
2017‑06‑18EcclesiaGrowPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑06‑11EcclesiaServePastor Tom Arthur
2017‑06‑04EcclesiaConnectPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑05‑28Science & FaithBiologyPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑05‑21Science & FaithTheologyPastor Winston Chu
2017‑05‑14Science & FaithIn The BeginningPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑05‑07The Me I Want to BeWorkErin Wasinger
2017‑04‑30The Me I Want to BeSpiritPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑04‑23The Me I Want to BeMindPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑04‑16The Me I Want to BeIdentityPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑04‑09Love Like JesusBreak BreadPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑04‑02Love Like JesusForgives SinsPastor Mark Aupperlee
2017‑03‑26Serve FailCommitmentPastor Tom Arthur
2017‑03‑19Serve FailVisionPastor Tom Arthur