Serving others and developing spiritual friendships are important parts of life at Sycamore Creek. Connecting, growing, and serving are part of our DNA.


Following Jesus is a team sport — Find your team by connecting with others in a small group at Sycamore Creek.

dad kid
Dads and their kids made new friends at the Eaton County Fair

Small groups meet for three-month semesters and cover topics from bible studies to one-time serve opportunities to fun groups like Dad/ Kid Night Out. We have guys’ groups, ladies’ groups, connect groups, serve groups, even an atheist/ agnostic pub group — pretty much any group you might think of. (And if you think we’re missing one, chat with our small groups coordinator about leading one on a topic you’re interested in!)

Our small groups also impact more than just their members: each group selects a mission, too. Our groups have supported Laundry Love (a free-quarters-and-soap night at laundromats); gone caroling at nursing homes, brought in donations for our Nicaragua ministry, served at homeless shelters, volunteered at Recycle-Rama, and many more.

Small-group signups are held during GroupLink months: January, May, and September. For details, email Mark at


Serving is one of the best ways to grow in following Jesus. At Sycamore Creek, we have a ton of ways to get involved.

From our worship arts team to our facilities team, from our kids’ ministry to our audio/visual wizards to being a friendly face for folks at the front door — a lot of “hidden excellence” goes behind our welcoming vibe at Sycamore Creek. Join us!

A few tips:

1. Not sure where to start? Email us for a link to an online assessment tool that will help us both get you plugged into opportunities that fit your talents and passions.

2. Give our ministries a look-over: Print out our Serve Sheet and circle the areas you want to know more about. Drop this sheet in the offering bucket or bring it to the office. The folks who lead the areas you’re interested in will be in touch. Easy, right?

3. Pro tip: Just dive in somewhere and give it a try for a time or two. You don’t have to settle in one area right off the bat.  Don’t worry: we won’t make you sign a lifelong commitment.



A bunch of guys at a campsite for a weekend every August for games, grilled food, relaxing, small group sessions, and hiking — welcome to CRASH, gentlemen.

We call our men’s retreat CRASH because of the rhinoceros (stay with us a second).

See, rhinos can run 30 mph but can’t see more than 30 ft in front of their noses (not unlike some times in our lives) — scary enough, but imagine a herd of them. That herd, called a crash, carries quite a punch! Now imagine if we men had that same impact on one another, at our church, and in our community as we grow together as a group of followers of Christ.

We do CRASH because we know we shouldn’t follow Jesus alone.